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DD.FKS Condutors Rekovac
H.P-Industrija Kablova Jagodina
DD"FKS Conductors Rekovac"
za Srpski klikni sliku
The Joint-Stock Company FKS Conductors Rekovac is one of the five specialized plants within the Holding Company KABLOVI (FKS). The Company is located in the municipality of Rekovac, and regular production started in 1964.
Continuous investments in its development and extending of the product range.
FKS Conductors Rekovac products are manufactured in accordance with the recognized European standards as well as on specific customer, s requests. The Company has provided the Test Certificates from the world famous institutions such as: VDE Prufstelle Offenbach Institute, UTE-Paris, KEMA-Arnhem, MSHA-Triadelfia, USA, Underwrites Laboratories Inc. UL-USA, CSA-Rexdale Canada etc. for its products.
The Basic production in the Joint-Stock Company FKS Conductors Rekovac consists of the following groups of products:
  • single-core insulated conductors, voltage up to 700 V, size 16 mm2
  • multicore conductors for installations up to 500 V, 5 cores, size 10 mm2
  • multicore flexible conductors for portable devices up to 500 V, 5 cores, size 10 mm2
  • multicore cables, voltage up to 1 kV, 5 cores, size 10 mm2
  • self-supporting cables, voltage up 1 kV, 4 cores, and size 10 mm2
  • car set conductors, voltage up to 200 V, size 10 mm2 spark-plug HV cables

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